Midland Fire
48-96 "More 4 days, More Weekends, More TIME....
Your Family WILL love it!!!"
General Information
This website was created for the Midland Firefighters as an information page about
the Benefits of the 48-96 Schedule compared to our current Kelly Schedule.  All
information here is just that, Information. Any views or opinions presented in this
website are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the
Why 48-96?
Why the 48/96 now some people will ask.  With the recruiting issues and cost of living
associated with our great city, the 48/96 is a viable option for people to work here and
commute from somewhere else. It would also allow us that currently work here to look
at those same housing options.

Like I said when I originally created this site, initially I was skeptical and was wanting to
know  more information.  The website for the Boise Fire Department was brought to my
attention.  Here is a link to that site
www.48-96.com .  As I surfed through the site I
became intrigued by the possibilities that this schedule would offer us.  

Recently different MFD personnel have been talking to me about the possibilities
because they were intrigued by this schedule.  While I know that not everyone will be
enthused about the 48-96 initially.  I do hope that everyone will at least take an open
minded approach.  

This website is intended to be a educational tool and by no means reflects any stance
of administration. If a decision on 48/96 is ever brought forward it will have to be
brought forward by the shift personnel of the MFD.
What is 48-96?
The 48-96(2 on 4 off)  work schedule has been growing rapidly in popularity
throughout the United States.  The departments that have gone to this schedule
have experienced extremely high rates of satisfaction and employee morale.  
This web site was  designed to educate the members of the Midland Fire
Department. Throughout the following website one will find information on how
the 48-96 allows more consecutive time off, more weekends off and more
vacation (both to take and accrual of hours).